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  • CNN_11-30-2021_Fresno's Meth Addiction.mp4

  • KATU_06-17-2021_Riot Team Resigns.mp4

  • KFSN_10-13-2021_Scanlan Comes Home.mp4

  • KFSN_10-19-2021_Merced Sanchez.mp4

  • KFSN_10-21-2021_Doty and Bush.mp4

  • KFSN_11-01-2021_Anthony Escobedo.mp4

  • KFSN_11-05-2021_Congdon Sentencing.mp4

  • KFTV_10-04-2021_Guns in Schools.mp4

  • KFTV_10-19-2021_Merced Sanchez.mp4

  • KFTV_10-21-2021_Domestic Violence.mp4

  • KGPE_06-10-2021_Pincushion Fire Transport.mp4

  • KGPE_10-13-2021_Scanlan Comes Home.mp4

  • KGPE_10-19-2021_Merced Sanchez.mp4

  • KGPE_10-21-2021_Doty and Bush.mp4

  • KGPE_11-16-2021_Fresno Police Dispatcher Shortage.mp4

  • KGW_06-17-2021_Riot Team Resigns.mp4

  • KMPH_11-18-2021_FPD Cadet Sponsorships.mp4

  • KOIN_06-17-2021_Riot Team Resigns.mp4

  • KSEE_09-30-2021_Ward & Chapple Awards.mp4

  • Malaga Homicide, Aqui y Ahora.mp4

  • Telemundo_06-10-2021_Parents Stop Sexual Predator.mp4

  • To Catch a Killer, Dana Ewell.mp4

  • Univision_06-10-2021_Parents Stop Sexual Predator.mp4

  • Witness Statement, Congdon Sentencing.mp4

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