2020 Public Media Files Public Media REPO

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  • 061120 Electric Bike Theft.mp4

  • 061520 Bees Market Robbery.mp4

  • 11 mass school shootings since Columbine- ABC News.mp4

  • 144th Fighter Jet Flyover.mp4

  • A-3 Pursuit 6-5-20 20-6200.mp4

  • California Advocate Newspaper

  • Clovis Garage Door Suspect.mp4

  • EAGLE One MD Video.mp4

  • Fairmont Elementary Computer Theft.mp4

  • Gary Banks on Clarkson Ave.mp4

  • Hanford Chevron Burglary, Jan. 13, 2020.mp4

  • Hushaw Crim 108 Video.mp4

  • ICAC B-Roll.mp4

  • James Cardoza Call to KMJ Radio.mp3

  • KFSN_05-29-2020_ICAC on Pace for Record Number of Arrests.mp4

  • KMPH_06-16-2020_Bees Market Robbery.mp4

  • Mathison Arrest, Neighbor Video.mpg

  • Mathison Facebook Live Pursuit 1.mp4

  • Mathison Facebook Live.mpg

  • New EAGLE One Video Edit.mp4

  • Power Tool Thieves.mp4

  • Pursuit Ending at Adams and Newmark.mp4

  • Riverdale Shell Burglary, Jan. 7, 2020.mp4

  • Santa Ana School District, Run, Hide, Fight.mp4

  • Sheriff Mims 2020 Fourth of July Message.mp4

  • Sheriff Mims Marjaree Mason Center.mp4

  • Sheriff Mims National Day of Prayer.mp4

  • Sheriff Mims Staff Message, July 2, 2020.mp4

  • Sheriff Mims on Judicial Council Emergency Bail Order.mp4

  • Sheriff Mims' COVID-19 PSA, CC.mp4

  • Sheriff Mims' COVID-19 PSA.mp4

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